9) Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10) Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 11) Give us this day our daily bread. 12) And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. 13) And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Matthew 6: 9~13

In memory of those that have been lain to rest in the Newburg / Petersburg Cemetery, we give honor and glory to Our Father in heaven for their lives, love and memory. May we keep them all in our hearts and minds and never forget they paved the way for us to carry on in life.

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Ella Samuels Allen

Nellie Allen

Ruth Belle Anderson

Irene Ashby

Joseph E. Ashby

Willie Mae Bard

Mary Frances Taylor Barrington

Beverly Wilson Bartlett

Birdie Mae Bartlett

David Lee Bartlett

Fannie Geneva Bartlett

James Daniel "Boob" Bartlett

Lora Collins Bass

Ed Minor Beeler

Hedy Mae Walton Berry

Mealissa Annette Baker Betts

Wilner Bolden

Ethel Bea Bowman

Mary Lizzie Boyd

David Breckenridge

Velma Buchanan Breckenridge

Hyctor Campbell

Timothy Eugene Carr

Travis Caudell Jr.

Nellie M. Chandler

Rosa Augusta Chandler

Shawonna Eugenia Chandler

Lottie M. Cox

Ethel L. Simpson Dailey

Birdie Mae Davis
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David Armon Davis

E. Sellis Davis, Sr.

Elizabeth Stroman Davis

Harriett "Hamby" Davis

Leroy Davis

Louise Washington-Dennis

Frances Irene Bishop Douglas

Grace Dorsey

Josephine L. Wordlow Finch

Louis William Fresh

Syrilla W. Fresh

Ethel Frierson

Louis A. Frierson

Flora Rebecca Ford

Rosalind Elizabeth Ford

Lucy Ann Henderickson Foster

William Lewis Foster, Sr.

Millie Thomas Gardner

Catherine Gathright

Freddie Elmore Gathright

Freddie Richmond Gathright

James Edward Gathright, Sr.

Laura Gathright

Nathaniel Gildon, Sr.

Annie Goffner

Maxie Lee Golden

Evelyn Fitzpatrick Goodwin

Jon Carroll "Jon Jon" Goodwin

Lillian F.B. Greathouse

Clifford V. Green Jr.
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Helen I. Goodwin Green

Horace Green, Sr.

Kattie Green

Nathaniel Jerry Green

Susan Ann Redden Green

William Collins Green

Georgie Willie Griggs

Karen Darnise "Ronnie" Griggs

Jeffery Edward Grundy

Florence G. Hardrick

Barbara Mae "Bob Mae" Gathright Harris

Marie C. Harris

Ira Farfield Hatchett

Allan Jerome Hepburn, Sr.

Mary Pendleton Hickman

Rena Mary Hill

James Hobbs

Gertrude "Gert" Barnett Holmes

Samuel Roland Hopkins

Sharon Elaine Hopson

Emma Mae Hughes

Alvin O. Jackson

Shirley Ann Gathright Jackson

Ester Titus Johnson

Mary Ella Goffner Johnson

Norma Leona Johnson

Robert H. Johnson

Calvin Andrew Jones, Jr.

Cleveland Jones, Sr.

Gertie Belle Kellar
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Emma Lee Layfield

Mattie Belle Layfield

Robert "Bob" Layfield

Lonnie Louise Lee

Ernest James "Dirt" Lewis

Josephine Nan Sarah " Chuck" Goodwin Lewis

George Albert Logan Jr.

Ida B. Lewis Lowe

Effie Magnolia "Dimp" Green Lyons

Pratt G. Lyons

Calvin Howard Manesse

Florence Katherine Maneese

Mary P. Manesse

Jimmie Dale Masden, Sr.

Jean Carol Mason

Eugenia "Gena" Mattingly

Fred Irvin "Lil Freddie" Mattingly

Opal Mayweather

Collette L. McGhee

Viola Weaver McGinnis

Edna M. Merritt

John B. Merritt

Mary Virginia Monteria

Billy Earl Montgomery

Fannie Lou Fomby-Montgomery

Lottie Munford

Ronald L. Munford

Isaac Georgene "Ike" Neal

Archie Wilbur Norfleet

Elizabeth Ann Turner Overstreet
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Stewart Wayne "Fly" Owsley

Dorthy Washington Patterson

Chester Pendleton, Jr.

Robert Pendleton

Johnnie Lee Peterson

Lonnie S. Richardson, Sr.

Emily Robb

William Steve "Goat" Robb

Roberta "Sister Teague" Robinson

Clementine Samuels

Crystal Devon Samuels

Dave Samuels, Jr.

Gertrude Goodwin Samuels

James Orville Samuels

Nelson E. Samuels, Sr.

Robert Samuels

D'Shawn Ja'Quay Saunders

Nora Mae Hobbs Saunders

Alberta Virginia Ruby Scott

Herbert Lee Scott

Thomas A. Sea

Haywood "Wood" Seay

Pearlie Nathan "Beaver" Seay

Jamia L. King Shelton

Yvonne Silvils

Melvina Simpson

Melvin Simpson

Phyllis Marcia Goodwin Smith

Rosie Lee "Chat" Davis Sneed

Kerry Sowell
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Florence Bea Spencer

Matthew Spencer

Clara B. Stevenson

Anna Jackson Strohman

Carlile Stroman

Katherine O'Neal Stroman

Dorthy Catherine Hobbs Summers

Mary Etta Thomas

Lynn Herbert Thomas

Eddie B. Thompson

John Henry Toogood, III

George Lee Trice

Anderson "Jack" Turner

Carlos Clay "Corky" Warfield

Mary Jane Wells

Davis Whittaker

Arvenia L. Winger

Doris Pearl Williams

George Charlie Woodford, III

Douglas C. Wordlow

Geraldine Wright
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We would like to think Sharrelle Goodwin for saving so many obituaries from the services of those listed. Not only those lain to rest in Petersburg / Newburg Cemetery, but for so many other Petersburg / Newburg residents.